Lotte "Winter's Tale" challenges three kinds of Meiji "Meltykiss"

Three kinds of Meiji "Meltykiss" was also released in winter only. In this time around the same time Lotte's "Winter's Tale" similar chocolate was released and both were available, so I decided to eat compared. "Meltykiss" has already become like a standard in winter, but can "Winter's Tale" dig into the stronghold?

Details are as follows.
Meiji Seika: Meltykiss Melty Kiss

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Meltykiss of Meiji is "Milk" "Matcha" "Flambooise" three kinds.

"Milk" is standard with cacao flavor. 442 kcal.

"Matcha" using Uji green tea. 399 kcal.

Franboise is using chicken. It is slightly rare that it is not strawberry. 399 kcal.

Lotte's Winter's Tale confronts this.

Combination of milk chocolate + semi-bitter chocolate.

Meltykiss Three kinds, opened places.

Winter's Tale opens and the story of snowflakes on the back of the lid.

I tried it on a dish.

Upper left is Winter's Tale, upper right Meltykiss Franboise, lower left Meltykiss milk, lower right Meltykiss Matcha. There is almost no difference in appearance.

I cut it. Matcha and Franboise are easy to understand. Winter's Tale has a different milk chocolate in color, but Meltykiss milk does not know the difference.

First of all, Meltykiss' milk. Soft milk chocolate in the mouth. Everything is normal, usual Meltykiss. Matcha is bittersweet,HirotaIt feels like green tea taste of puff of cream. Taste like green tea cream. Franboise is quite sour because it is using chicken, the most unique taste. Those who are not good at sourness may be slightly bad, but the taste of the original strawberries often comes out.

In contrast to Winter's Tale, it is a hard Meltykiss, the taste of ordinary milk chocolate. There was little difference in cocoa on the surface and little biting, as bitterness was strong. However, people who prefer chocolate just to be sweet may not like this person.

People who like normal things like Meltykiss milk or Winter's Tale, and those seeking something unique may choose Meltykiss' s Franboise.

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