Anti-whaling group and fishery cooperative association big dungeon over dolphin fishery

Whale meatAs a matter of fact a small part of what is circulatingDolphinThe story that it was the meat, etc. is also said to be truthfully, but actually dolphin fishing is still practiced in Japan. And protest activities by extreme environmental protection groups and anti-whaling groups against this dolphin fishing are still being carried out, and the state of their activities is released on the net.

Because it is quite shocking video, please be careful if you are not good at bloody images and images.

Details are as below.
First of all from the actual movie. It is playable on the following page, and it has 3 minutes 45 seconds in all. From the beginning it has been edited to a pretty radical content that shouts "Return home!" >> 'Heroes' Actress Panettiere Caught in Clash at Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Site

In this movie, anti-whaling group approaches to interfere with dolphin fishing (getting permission from the country), but there is a scene where it is driven back with a stick, and among the people who have been repelled draws an eye out There is a girl. About this person, there is an article below, and a TV drama series aired overseas "HeroesActress who appeared in "Hayden PanettiereI heard that.

TV Star Hayden In Dolphin Cull Clashes | Sky News | World News

Apparently, in order to effectively advertise content to protest against dolphin fishery, I do not know how it happened but seems to have succeeded in pulling in to Japan. Because it was a measure for so-called media, it seems that it is quite talked abroad.

Hayden Panettiere Dolphin - Google search

So, what is this anti-whaling group?Sea ShepherdThere is a detailed explanation below in the organization called "

Sea Shepherd - Wikipedia

Paul Watson and others were separated from Greenpeace and founded in 1977. For whaling boats and fishing vessels of each country, it is sometimes criticized as environmental terrorism from extreme behavior that sinks a number of ships on body hit etc. It was deprived of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) observer qualification because it sank the Iceland whaling vessel in 1986.

Detailed information has been released to the official website about this activity already.

Sea Shepherd - Surfers Take Action for Dolphins

Sea Shepherd - Surfers Return To Taiji And Expose Pilot Whale Slaughter

Apparently it seems the following fishery cooperatives that received the raid this time. We have been attacked the last time.

Whale Town Taiji Town, Whale and Whale Tatara Town Fisheries Cooperative Official Website

The previous raid is mentioned in the article "Eco-terrorist group" dated November 1, 2003 on the following page.

Notice from Taiji fishery cooperative!

Taiji's traditional catch-fisher fishermen were again attacked by members of the eco-terrorist group earlier this month. Moreover, the illegal invaders later reported to the media about facts about fisheries based on traditions over the centuries and reported on their own actions without permission. It seems that their actions are intended to expand opportunities for collecting funds from their organizations.

Currently the town of Taiji is in caution against intruders. Their mission is not based on international laws and science, but only on emotions and the economic interests of their own organizations, and they are trying to keep the facts of the catch-up intentionally screwed up. Trapped fishes are an important representative of Taiji's tradition, and Taiji whale men have provided food to local residents for generations. And we will continue to do so in the future.

The following is the movie for this 2003 case. Carefully carefully because intentional editing is strongly entered.

Glumbert - Dolphin massacre in Japan

Apart from this, the following is detailed about dolphin fishing conducted in Shizuoka prefecture in 1999.

Capture process

About one year ago I was reported about dolphin fishing at the Washington Post.

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Criticism of dolphin fishing in Japan "" cruel and inhumane "US paper On one side of the Washington Post ... Stronger opposition voice

For dolphin fishery, the following questions and answers are being unfolded on the following pages.

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