It is decided to appeal Sea Shepherd at trial, finally the picture and video of disturbance until now

The whaling hindrance started in 2005, a program treated as a hero in a pay channel was broadcasted, the donation got exploded, the attack power was upgraded with the money power that reached ten times in the past 6 years, and eventually Japan Continued injured by the side,I pushed to the interruption of investigationThe Japan Cetacean Research Institute and Joint Vessel Corporation eventually made a trial against that environmental protection organization "Sea Shepherd."

About Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson's injunction against injunction claims injunction

The content is as follows, and Sea Shepherd's activity is "a dangerous act that threatens the life of the survey ship's crew and investigators", and he says, "I can not overlook this way."

The defendants Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson escalate to the survey fleet every year. Their disturbing activities that seriously threaten maritime safety are in addition to the Convention on Traffic in Ocean navigation (SUA treaty), Resolution MSC. 303 (87) of the International Maritime Organization and Resolution 2011 (87) of the International Whaling Commission -2), it is a dangerous act that threatens the life of the survey ship's crew and investigators.

A series of obstructive acts by Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson have a profound impact not only on the safety of the survey fleet but also on the scientific outcome of the survey and can not be overlooked as it is. In the past, we have made various efforts to stop disturbing acts, but for this reason, we have been working on the ship and crew and investigators engaged in capture survey in Washington State, USA, which has Sea Shepherd Headquarters We have filed a lawsuit to secure the safety of the life and property of the ship and the ship of the survey vessel.

What actually interferes is 2011 in which we interfered with the feeling as below (all the following photos and images are provided by the Japan Cetacean Research Institute)

I tried to let the propeller of the 3rd Yushin Maru and the rope aiming at the rudder, and threw the bottle in

Using a large sling shot to cast throwing throws against the 2nd Yushin Maru, holding a high pressure launcher, a wire and rope aiming for a propeller and a rudder Disturbance high speed ship Godzilla No.

Activist of the interfering ship Steve · Irwin threw a bottle containing butyric acid to the research ship Shu Shin Maru

Bob · Barker activist throws a smoke tube into the net of port 2 of the second Yushin Maru

Activist of Bob · Barker who throws a smoke cylinder against Third Yushin Maru

To the 3rd Yushin Maru, the Godzilla and Gobzilla belonging to Bob Barker belonging abnormally in a way that disturbs the route with Bob Barker activist who throws a butyric acid bottle Rubber boat

A Godzilla that runs a rope aiming for a propeller and a rudder across the bow, and a shower that throws smoke bombs and butyric acid bottles

Irradiation with green laser

The ship is on its way

While towing the rope aiming at the propeller and the rudder Godzilla meandering in front of the mother ship Nisshin Maru forward, further Godzilla got abnormal approach to the survey mother ship Nisshin Maru, activists threw smoke bombs, rocket signal bullets (fire ) Or fire firebomb, it is burning on the research mother ship Nisshin Maru bow deck.

It is difficult to understand the atmosphere of the scene if only pictures are taken, but disturbing activity is blatant when watching movies.

First of all Sea Shepherd threw throwing objects to the 2nd Yushin Maru using a large sling shot.

Sea Shepherd, attack with a big sling shot - YouTube

Next is a sea shepherd activist, appearing to launch the high pressure launcher on the second Yushin Maru.

Sea Shepherd activist launched high pressure launcher against 2nd Yushin Maru - YouTube

Furthermore Sea Shepherd's Godzilla meandering in front of the mother ship Nisshin Maru bow while towing the rope aiming at propeller and rudder.

Sea Shepherd's Godzilla meandering in front of a propeller and rudder - YouTube

To the extreme danger, Sez Shepherd's Godzilla throws green laser irradiation and smoke blows.

Sea Shepherd's Godzilla issue green laser irradiation, smoke blow throwing - YouTube

And from the Sea Shepherd 's Godzilla issue rocket signal bullet (fire) fire / flame bullets are thrown and burning on the deck.

Sea Shepard's rocket signal bullets and flame bullet shots, burning deck - YouTube

Regarding this case of this time, why is this time now, it seems to have the following aims.

Sea shepherd's case "Honmaru" with a surprise attack + (2/2) - MSN Sankei News

I also scrutinized the timing of the case. Representative Paul · Watson (61) is an organization that weeps out, and all the intention of the representative is reflected. In December, SS will concentrate all forces on obstructing whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, and group executives will gather in Australia, the sortie base. The Japanese side is likely to be injured within several weeks after the injunction filed in conjunction with the lawsuit, and the SS side is hit by suddenly and it is likely to be forced to respond in court with lack of preparation .

In addition, he wants to ask moral responsibility for the pay channel "Animal Planet" that made Sea Shepard's capital rich.

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