NTT Docomo's FOMA "705i series" announced today All models All images

EarlierAll models of 905i series Following all images, This time all models of NTT DoCoMo's FOMA latest model "705i" are all models.

Folding The world's thinnest, the thinnest with One-Seg, waterproof mobile The world's thinnest model and brand collaboration model with design household appliances such as "Smart, Slim, Surprise"The design is very outstanding only for the 705i series which has become the lineup of individuality.

Details are as follows.
· D705iμ(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)
Metallic body Super Slim straight mobile. Metal-tone sheet of key part and half mirror display produce high-quality glow and texture. Flat Super Slim body eliminating extra irregularities.

Flash silver

Ice Blue

Luminous black

· N705iμ(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
My Signal produces personality stylishly, the thinnest Extreme Slim cell phone with full specifications. 3G Folding Mobile Phone The world's thinnest 9.8 mm adopts stainless steel material.

All Black

Real Red

White Silver

· P705iμ(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Extreme Slim mobile compatible with one push open, with a sense of quality on the stainless steel body. FOMA high speed (HSDPA) compatible, 3G folding mobile phone realized the world's thinnest 9.8mm, equipped with stainless steel body and one push open. A collaboration model with "TGB design."




· D705i(Manufactured by Mitsubishi)
Slim one seg mobile with large screen slide style. It has a full one-segment function such as recording to the external memory, reserved recording, etc.

Pure Black

Pearl White

Rose Pink

· F705i(Manufactured by Fujitsu)
Water proof / slim cell phone pursuing thinness. It is the world's thinnest as a waterproof mobile phone. "Slim body" realized "waterproof performance" that can be used in baths and kitchens.




· L705i(Manufactured by LG)
A global mobile with consideration for ease of use. Four convenient "One Touch Keys" and easy to push "Kaka Key" are installed.


Champagne Gold


· L705iX(Manufactured by LG)
"Shine Phone" compatible with ultra high speed high speed 7.2 Mbps. Fine spin panel design and easy-to-see display.

Shine Gold

Shine Silver

Shine Titanium

· N705i(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
High spec amadana mobile compatible with GSM roaming / one seg. Design household appliancesAmadanaBrand collaboration with. FOMA High Speed ​​(HSDPA) compatible model that can enjoy 1 Seg on 3 inch large screen.

Amadana black

Amadana white

Ultimate orange

Brownish wood (to be sold at amadana special site)

· NM 705i(Manufactured by NOKIA)
Compact straight mobile phone that can be used in the world. Straight body of sophisticated European design. Bluetooth compatible.

Bitter Orange

Noble White

Stylish black

· P705i(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Super Slim One Seg Mobile. One Seg Mobile The slim body with the thinnest 12.8 mm has a one-segment function that can be enjoyed on a 3-inch large screen. Full screen view blind function to make it invisible from the side.

Daylight Blue

Morning White

Premium Dark

Sunny Pink

· SH705i(Made by Sharp)
Slim One Seg mobile with casual fabric taste. With 1 seg function in casual body, 3.2 mega autofocus, still image 6 axis shake correction & amp; subject shake correction, easy and beautiful shooting possible.




· SO 705 i(Manufactured by Sony Ericsson)
You can enjoy the change of expression on the Style-Up panel, the round-form Kisekae mobile. It is a Style-Up panel that gives changes to the design, and can be customized. "POBox Pro" is loaded, character entry evolved dramatically. FOMA high speed (HSDPA) compatible.

Charcoal Gray

Cheek Pink

Sugar White

· PROSOLIDμ (P705iCL)(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Camera-less Extreme Slim mobile phone with enhanced functions useful for business. A camera-less body of the world's thinnest 9.8 mm, corresponding to one push open. It corresponds to display of "PDF", "Microsoft Word", "Microsoft Excel", "Microsoft PowerPoint", it is possible to check materials from the outside.

Gun metallic

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