I ate Lotte "Winter Koala March" and "Winter Pie Fruit" which became the winter specification

This year, Lotte also released "Winter Koala March" and "Winter Pie Fruit". last year"March caramel milk of winter koala" and "real maple latte of winter pie"It was, but this year it is "march roast almond latte of winter koala" and "carrousel almond latte of burning in winter pie".

In addition, because the march of Halloween koala remained, I bought it with the winter series and tried it.

Details are as follows.
"Koala's March Enjoy Halloween".

This is "March roasted almond latte of winter koala"

Quiz for Halloween people, game with march of winter koala with game.

Like this.

bag. The left is the March of Koala in winter, the right is Halloween.

Pie nuts.

Package reverse. There are also people who do not know who they are.

The actual song of this pie is a bit tricky ....

The real appearance of pie from inside the bag.

I put them all side by side. The back is the fruit of pie, the left side is the March of Koala in winter, the right is Koala's March Enjoy Halloween.

Unfortunately, koala's March Enjoy Halloween seems to have been a march of ordinary koala just inside the box with Halloween specification.

The cocoa taste fabric and white chocolate are well compatible, and the koalas march and pie fruits are finished in winter-like goods. When it is said whether the taste of "roasted almond latte" or "charcoal caramel almond latte" is said to be, it is such a feeling that it does such a feeling, but it has a different taste than the ordinary koala march and pie fruit It is ant in this.

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Lovers in your mouth Lotte | Product catalog | Fruit in winter pie

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