All models of all models of the au cell phone 2007 winter model announced today

EarlierKDDI announced the 2007 winter model of au mobileAlthough we reported, we will introduce the 8 winter models announced this time with a large amount of images, including color variations.

It may be good to try it as a reference when purchasing.

Details are as follows.
· W56T

Highway Orange

China White

Universe Black

· W54S

Flamboo's Red

Aqua blue

Bell bed black

· W54SA



White snow

· Wooo mobile phone W 53 H

Japan Black

Only Euro Purple adopts "Majora color" whose hue varies according to viewing angle

Nordic White

· W55T

Gold Card

Black Card

Platinum card

· W53K

Passionate red

Champagne pink

Luminous silver

· A5529T

Breeze gold

Calm pink

Gale Black

· A 1407 PT


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