A dog on the stroll found a mammoth fossil on the beach

It seems that someone who knows what to find while walking a dog seems to be known, but there are people who have found a mammoth fossil. It seems that it was about a fossil at the moment I saw it rather than a small piece. There are rare things in the world, but how did you discover it?

Details are as follows.
Daisy the dog finds the meal of her dreams ... a mammoth bone | the Daily Mail

Dennis Smith, a 69-year-old living in Wytham, Essex, took a dachshund daisy and was walking along the coastline. Daisy often picks up sticks and gnaws dead fish.

When I went for a walk the other day, Daisy discovered a bone as big as my body on the beach. Daisy waited for Mr. Smith because the bone that was buried in the sand was large and could not dig out. Mr. Smith noticed the appearance of Daisy and went and there was around 6 inches (about 15 cm) of lumps, so I tried to pull it out. Then it was a thigh (rough) bone with a length of 13 inches (33 cm) and a weight of 8 pounds (roughly 3.6 kg).

Daisy and bones on hand.

Mr. Smith discovered the fossil on the coast of Danwich Suffolk, and local fossils confirmed that the fossil belonged to Southern Elephant (scientific name: Arch Disco don) by a local geological group. It is thought that this fossil has been buried in the sand of the ocean floor for a long time because it has been exposed to the sea floor by recent stormy weather and has been swept away by the water.

According to Mr. Smith, Daisy likes gnawing bones, he seems to bite meat on Sunday and always bones the remaining bone of lamb meat. "Perhaps Daisy would have appetized a small amount of amino acids left in the bones of the mammoth," says Bob Markham, a local geology group. Markham added at the end like this. "However, it will not be able to take nutrition and nourishment, even if the teeth become clean as if you got a bone.It was delicious that pieces of fat remained in 2-3 million years ago, but now iron oxide It has been mineralized because of it. "

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