Women detained for 70 years with stolen crime

A woman who worked as a cleaner at a hospital was accused in 1937 because he stole 13 pence (about 30 yen). After that it was proved that she was innocent, but he seems to have spent 70 years at the medical facility after being diagnosed as intellectual disorder.

Details are as below.The Sun Online - News Sister locked up and forgotten

Found, the sister who was locked away for 70 years when she was wrongly accused of stealing 12p the Daily Mail

Jean Gambell was detained indefinitely as he was 15 at the age of stealing during the cleaning of the hospital. The problem money became discovered later and the innocence was proved, but a doctor claiming that Jean made the theft recognized her as an intellectual disorder and sent it to a medical facility.

Two brothers, David and Alan, who were born after Jean was to be detained, had met with her for several years, but it was necessary to identify the whereabouts of being able to move the medical facility many times It became difficult, and my mother died 25 years ago and I can not contact after that.

However, we found a small Jean description in the top corner of the questionnaire from the medical institution that arrived at my mother this year, and it seems that Jean and his brothers were to meet again. When brothers went to meet Jean, the facility officials advised, "She is deaf and you may not even remember you."

When the brothers who heard it gave the bouquet accompanied by a scary message card, Jean hugged at the first glance, calling the names of the two people. Jean collapsed in a stroke that seems to be fatigue due to reunion two weeks after the meeting, but he seems to be recovering now.

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By the way, 13 pence at that time was worth 2.4 pounds (about 561 yen) in 2006.
Measuring Worth - Purchasing Power of British Pound

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