Alexa's voice seeking help is found from the smart speaker of a new coronavirus patient who died


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The death toll from the new coronavirus as of April 10, 2020 has surpassed 90,000 people worldwide, and the number of casualties has remained unstoppable. Meanwhile, after the death of a woman living in a nursing home while being infected and infected with the new coronavirus, she found out from a smart speaker that a voice was sought from Alexa for help.

Nursing home COVID-19 patient asked 'Alexa' for help before death |

Nursing home coronavirus patient asked Alexa for help before dying

'How Do I Get Help?' Dying Coronavirus Patient Asked Alexa-The New York Times

On April 4, 2020, Rouen Degen, who lived in a nursing home Metron of Cedar Springs in Cedar Springs, Michigan, USA, was treated for emergency medical treatment in a hospital urgently transported due to symptoms of a new coronavirus infection Died in the room. I was 66.

Rouen suffered two strokes in 2008, paralyzing his left body, and has lived in Metron of Cedar Springs for more than a decade since then. 'I've always been a talented guy, she played the piano and organ, sang songs, and she was good at ventriloquism and guitar.' He has written books for children, 'he said.

At the nursing home, she took a mess, taking selfies.


Examination revealed on March 31 that

31 residents and 5 employees , including Rouen, were infected with the new coronavirus in a nursing home where Rouen was living . The nursing home was nursing the residents who had been found to be infected in a section separate from other residents. Also, because the infected residents could not meet with their relatives, Penny installed a Amazon Echo Show , a smart speaker equipped with Amazon's Alexa , in Rouen's private room and kept in touch.

According to Penny, Rouen had complained of shortness of breath since late March, but did not have fever, one of the major symptoms of the new coronavirus. However, on the morning of April 4, Rouen's condition suddenly changed, causing blood oxygen levels and blood pressure to drop. She was immediately transported to Mercy Health St. Mary's Hospital.

Mr. Rouen said that he was talking with people around when being transported by ambulance, but that when he arrived at the hospital, convulsions had begun. The hospital immediately contacted Penny to report that Rouen had put on a ventilator and to ask if cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed if cardiopulmonary arrest occurred. In response, Penny replied, 'No, she didn't want it before.' And breathing stopped 30 minutes after the call.

According to Penny, the hospital explained that 'Rouen's cause of death was diabetes, high blood pressure, and a new type of coronavirus infection.'

Penny, who visited Rouen's private room on April 6 at the beginning of the week, discovered that about 40 conversation records of the last 3-4 days were recorded on Rouen's smart speaker. When I tried to play it, the voice 'Alexa, help me' was left.

In addition, Rouen told Alexa, 'It's very painful. Tell me how to relieve the pain.' 'Can you help me to relieve the pain?' Asked how to get to the police, Rouen had a record of Alexa giving directions to the nearest police station.

According to local TV station WOOD-TV, it is unknown how much the facility recognized Rouen's pain, but according to Penny, the facility gave Rouen a painkiller. In addition, according to NBC News, Penny and 'There is no negligence on the part of the facility,' talking about is that of that.

Penny told WOOD-TV: 'It's a salvation that she no longer feels pain, but she's still lonely. I have to live happily for her. '

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