How to clean your house in just 19 minutes a day

It is a way to clean your house in just 19 minutes a day.

Because it is explained with a procedure and a required time, it may be perfect for those who are troubled by troublesome setups, have trouble cleaning up, and mess up the room.

Details are as follows.
How to clean your home in 19 minutes -

According to this article, the schedule to clean up in 19 minutes is as follows. The time in parentheses is the estimated time.

· Kitchen (4½ minutes): I try to start from the sink.
After washing the dishes, wear sink (30 seconds)
Cover stove (1 min)
Counter wipe (1 min)
Wipe the floor or breathe the garbage with a vacuum cleaner (2 minutes)

· Bathroom (2 minutes): I try to clean the environment around the toilet on a daily basis as much as washing my hands.
Wash the sink (30 seconds)
Wipe the toilet seat (15 seconds)
Brush the toilet bowl (15 seconds)
Wipe the mirror and faucet (15 seconds)
Wipe the door with a sponge (30 seconds)
Sprinkle shower on shower curtain (15 seconds)

· Bedroom (6 minutes and half): It is good to arrange the bed before going out in the morning.
Fix the bed (2 minutes)
Organize clothes and accessories (4 minutes)
Restore the bedside table (30 seconds)

- Living room (6 minutes): Since the disorder of the sofa makes her room look dirty most, I start with care of the sofa.
Take dust and dust with a vacuum cleaner (1 minute)
Shape the cushion shape (2 minutes)
Wipe off dirt such as fingerprints attached to the table (1 minute)
Organize magazines and books, CDs, videos, etc. (2 minutes)

It seems that a clean house can be maintained simply by keeping this in mind every day. I think that the environment is different depending on the house, but it may be good to start with today in this period.

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