Kokuyo will raise paper products such as copy paper and notebooks starting from next week

Kokuyo isNissinYaAwaseAs I will say next year from the next year and so on, I will not say anything else and will raise the copy paper next week. The price increase rate is about 17%.

Price increases for products other than copy paper are expected to rise by about 15% from next year.

Price revised items are as follows.Kokuyo News Release Revised price of paper products

According to this release, due to the increase in global demand, raw materials such as pulp and resin, raw materials such as petroleum and crude oil soared in the chip, and it seems that it could not be absorbed by only cost reduction and corporate effort so far.

A total of 948 items such as copy paper, notebook, manuscript paper, word book, desk rack, etc. are subject to price revision. From October 1, 2007 copy paper will be raised from 1 January 2008 for products other than copy paper.

Kokuyo series mail order major "Kaunet"We target 2800 items in February this year and 1,700 items of office supplies etc. in the end of August, aiming to acquire new customers by reducing the price of" reverse tension ", but we can keep the current price down Is it?

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