Fair use is more economical than copyright

So-called"Fair use"Fair use" is more "copyright", that is, the economic effect is greater than protect copyright, it is a trade association organized by major computer companies and telecommunications companies in Japan, the United States and Europe "Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)It was announced from. CCIA includes Google, Yahoo! , Microsoft and others have a lot of names.

This report examines the market effect in the United States, according to which fair use has brought the total of $ 4.5 trillion (about 511.7 trillion yen) in profit to the American economy annually, which is a copy It seems that it exceeds the profit obtained by copyright protection by light.

Details of the report are as follows.
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FairUseStudy-Sep12.pdf(PDF file)

Fair Use Worth More to Economy Than Copyright, CCIA Says - Copyright - InformationWeek

According to the report, the profit from copyright protection has so far been only 1.3 trillion dollars (about 147.8 trillion yen). Also, not only profit but fair use bring added value to the American economy, and the total amount is 2,200 billion dollars (about 250.1 trillion yen).

Fair use in the case of the United States is that it can use what is protected by copyright law without the permission of the copyright owner, especially Internet related companies are said to generate enormous profit by this fair use .

However, since it is a case-by-case judgment as to whether it is fair use or infringement of the copyright law in the United States, it is actually close to a kind of gambling, collecting pages on the net and providing a search engine In the case of Google that has been known, the lawsuit has been raised four times even as far as it is known.

The purpose of this report is to show that existing rights holders who profit from the exercise of copyrights are required to have a sense of balance in copyright legislation.

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