CM Marine Corps CM like a fantasy game

There is an image that the discipline is strict and rigid when it is heard as an army, but there seems to be a case of making humorous commercials to make people interested in young people, so it seems like they are searching for dungeons like games on soldier recruitment CM, I am fighting with monsters.

Details are as below.
Beyond the obstacles, remove the sword and fight against the monster.
YouTube - Marine Contest of Honor

Destroy a soldier who took a dungeon and wore armor.
YouTube - Maze Marine Corps CHEESY Old TV commercial

Like a movie, there is a cool advertisement.
YouTube - New Marine Commercial

The site for solicitation is also made.

U. S. Marine Corps

It seems that the Maritime Self - Defense Force of Japan also makes a slightly different CM.

CM like a hero show.
YouTube - Japan Maritime Self Defense Force 2006 CM

Dance on the deck.
YouTube - Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Dance

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