A 53-year-old woman who can not see achieves a hole-in one with golf

A 53-year-old woman who disappeared diabetes 26 years ago has achieved a "hole in one" that puts a ball in one shot while playing golf. Of course this is the first time in the world.

Also from the probability that ordinary amateurs will achieve a hole in one, this seems to be a miracle event.

Details are as follows.
Wcbstv.com - Blind Woman Hits Historic Hole-In-One

According to this article, a 53-year-old woman named Sheila Drummond who lost his sight with diabetes 26 years ago was golfing at Mahoning Valley Country Club on a rainy Sunday and a golf course at 144 yards (about 132 meters) He seems to have succeeded in putting a ball in a shot. She said the ball hit the water hazard, flew between the bunkers, and arrived at the green.

According to the golf digest company announced in 1999, it seems that the possibility of amateurs achieving hole in one is 12 thousand one thousand one. Even though thinking about it, I can see how much she succeeded in the astronomical probability, but this is amazing ....

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