A movie "Two Nineteen Forty Four" that contains a seven-minute journey to climb the world's fastest El Capitan with a height of 900 meters

El CapitanIs a monolithic granite in the American Yosemite National Park, one of the most popular rock climbing sights in the world. Among them, the climbing route "nose" is known as one of the most famous climbing routes, and in 2008 the Japanese professional climber Hirayama Yuji and Hans Florin got a world record of 2 hours 37 minutes 5 seconds Climb by. Furthermore, in 2012, Alex O'Hold and Mr. Hans Florin climbed at 2 hours 23 minutes 46 seconds after updating this record for more than 13 minutes, and it was considered impossible to update the subsequent records. However, on October 21, 2017 Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds climbed in 2 hours 19 minutes 44 seconds and updated the world record. In fact how are you able to climb the north of El Capitan, there is a movie showing the whole process of Mr. Goblite and Reynolds of this day.

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"Nose" located in the middle of El Capitan has a height of about 3000 feet (about 910 m) from the valley floor. It was Mr. Warren Harding of Climber that succeeded in the first time to climb the nose and finally succeeded in climbing at the end after four challenges which took place from July 1957 to November 1958. Forty - five days have been spent from the first trie to the successful climb. After that, in the 1960s the second trie succeeded in climbing in seven days and it became possible to climb in one day in 1975, fifteen years later.

As of 2018, there are few climbers that can climb in one day, and it usually takes 3 to 4 days to climb the nose.

Meanwhile, in 2012, Mr. Alex O'Hold and Mr. Hans Florin succeeded in climbing the nose with an amazing time of 2 hours 23 minutes 46 seconds.

It was thought that this record will never be broken again ... ...

Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds in 2017 have succeeded in climbing with an unimaginable record of 2 hours 19 minutes 44 seconds.

Early morning on 21st October 2017

Mr. Goblite (Red) and Mr. Reynolds (Blue) are climbing the north of El Capitan. I started climbing and reached "pitch 3" in about 8 minutes.

After three minutes it reached "pitch 4". Since there is a height of 80 m from Pitch 1 to Pitch 3, these two people are calculated about 7 to 8 m climb per minute.

Mr. Goblite reached "sickle ledge" in 12 minutes since I started climbing. I will climb silently without eyes to those who are absent on the way.

Four minutes later it arrives at "Dort Hall" and Mr. Goblite will attach the rope to the rock.

And then after a bit ... ...

I moved to the rock wall on the right side. It seems that the rope is moving like a pendulum.

After that, Mr. Goblite climbed a little, then caught by the rock wall. Mr. Reynolds who reached Dorthoro just after ... ...

I moved directly to the rock wall on the right side. Mr. Reynolds was connected to Mr. Goblite by rope before the start, so it seems that he used this rope like a pendulum and moved to the rock wall on the right side. If you do not understand the pace of climbing and the like, it can be said that skillful teamwork is a technique that will result in considerable time loss.

About 22 minutes from the start. Mr. Goblite reached "Stove Leg". There are other climbers in the route on the way ... ...

With no particular concern, I will keep pushing forward.

Mr. Gobright who climbed "Dort Tower" smoothly. It reached about 250 m from the ground in about 34 minutes.

In 42 minutes from the start, Mr. Goblite climbed Dort Tower and entered "El Cap Tower".

After about six minutes I won "El Cap Tower". In the blink of an eye it quickly reached the point of about 366 m from the ground. The pace that climbs about 7 to 8 meters per minute has not changed, I feel even afraid of inexhaustible stamina.

After that, Mr. Goblite climbs without difficulty even if the scaffolding seems to be almost unlikely.

Then, Mr. Goblite stops at the point where he climbed "boot flake". Immediately afterwards, Reynolds who arrived just under Mr. Goblite ... ...

Move to the rock wall on the left with a rope connected with Mr. Goblite. Team work is also demonstrated here.

This time Reynolds will climb up ahead.

Then, Mr. Goblite also uses the rope connected with Reynolds, moves to the rock wall on the left and starts climbing again.

Even after that, it proceeded smoothly, Reynolds arrived at "Great Roof" in 1 hour 32 minutes after starting.

About 610 m from the ground at this point.

And when we reach "Camp 5", they are climbing while keeping a close position.

There is little difference in the positional relationship between the two people when it comes to the goal ......

Mr. Reynolds got the goal first.

Mr. Goblight got the goal with the minimum time difference and achieved the world record of 2 hours 19 minutes 44 seconds.

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