"Earth information" such as stars and nebula can be viewed in "Google Earth"

Free software that allows you to see satellite photos around the worldGoogle EarthFinally, star information such as stars and nebulae can be browsed. In addition to simply viewing the star map, you can also see the astrophotography photos.

How to use Japanese explanation movies with Japanese narration by Google, how to install, how to use from the following.
First of all, a commentary with Japanese narration by Google. Click to play. It is wonderful like a barrel that seems like a habit to somehow.

YouTube - Explore the sky with Google Earth

You can download Google Earth from the following page.

Download Google Earth - PC, Mac, Linux

Click on it to download it

Preparing for installation ...... Wait a moment

Click "Next"

Installing ...... I will wait a moment again

Click "Finish". It automatically starts up.

Such images are displayed during startup.

Uncheck "Show hint at startup" and click "Close"

To see heavenly bodies etc, click the button at the right end of the toolbar

It switches over like this. There is a slider for zoom in and zoom out in the upper right

There are various sets in the "Layer" at the bottom left, so clicking will move you to that position until the position

It is quite fun per "the life of the star"

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