Boyfriend heats the laptop computer in the oven carefully

A tragedy occurred in which a boy friend used an oven to cook a laptop computer. The owner of the computer grieved over his changed appearance, but when I turned on the power it started up for some reason. It seems that the radio also connected, and I could update the blog.

Details are as below.
Lucky White Girl Medium rare laptop

The fever in the oven was about 300 degrees and the laptop computer was thrown in for about 5 minutes. The owner lives in a crime-prone area, and he seems to have placed a laptop computer in the oven so that it is safe even if a thief enters. However, the boyfriend tried to make French fries and it led to the scourge this time.

To the whole distorted feeling.

Some parts are melting.

The digitalness disappears, and gentleness is crooked out.

And when I put a laptop on the table to check the damage, I found a green light on. When it pushes the button, Windows seems to have started with the voice "Welcome". After that, sentences indicating that the power has been turned off due to overheating are displayed on the display as "Your computer powered off since it overheated. A list presumed to be the cause of overheating was also displayed, but it seems that the oven heating was not on the list.

After waiting for a while, the desktop is displayed and the wireless connection is also successful. She seems to have thought that she was enveloped by peace of mind and never got such a pure feeling.

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