It seems that if you disguise it as a Google search bot, you can browse paid sites for free

We are going around collecting every page in the net to create Google's search database "GoogleBotThere is what is called. When this GoogleBot comes, it will be reflected in search results.

So, since paid sites that exist on the Internet certainly attract guests, in order to make the contents of their site appear only in a bit of search results, GoogleBot is free to visit the paid site for free It seems to be.

That means that you can impersonate a browser on GoogleBot? It is this idea, but how about the truth? Details are as follows.
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Disguise Yourself As Google Bot - Quicksilverscreen Forum!

Truth is unknown because it is not actually tried, but in short it is "User Agent" which is one of the variables spit out by the browser, in short, the browser name is "Googlebot / 2.1If you change to ", you can browse for free on paid sites ... it seems to be ....

In the case of Firefox, you can switch User Agent by installing the following extended functions.

User Agent Switcher :: Firefox Add-ons

You can also make GoogleBot easier by going through the following sites.


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