A rich man appears from Bill · Gates, who leads the world's longest ranking for 13 consecutive years

Speaking of the richest man in the world, Bill Gates is a common sense for more than 10 years, probably thought that it would continue until Bill Gates retreated from the line, but at last the man who robbed his position It came out. Its name is Carlos Slim Hell, Mexican richest man.

Details are as follows.
ForbesThe world's longest number posting annually, the founder of MicrosoftBill GatesHas been in the world continuously since 1993. Gates' assets are estimated to be estimated at 53 billion dollars (about 6.5 trillion yen) in the 2006 survey and estimated 66.2 billion dollars (about 8 trillion yen) in 2007. However, someone with more assets than this appeared.

Carlos Slim HellIs the largest mobile phone company in Latin AmericaAmerica MovilMexican richest man who owns companies and others. America Movil is a business week magazine "Highly performing IT companies ranking"Second place in 2007 and second in 2007 and top at Amazon.com) in 2005 and 2006, and the stock price rose 27% this March to June this year is. As a result, Mr. Slim's assets exceeded Gates by 67.8 billion dollars (about 8 trillion 300 billion yen), and it became the richest man in the world. Forbes' s chief ranking ranked second, but because it will be announced in April, Mr. Slim is definitely the best at the moment.

By the way, Mr. Gates left the front line in July 2008,Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationWe are announcing that we will emphasize charity projects in. Likewise, the third-ranked investor who is the Forbes's chief executiveWarren BuffettMr. announces that 85% of the assets will be donated to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. How does Mr. Slim use the world's best assets?

The article of Reuters is below.

Mexican richest man, ranking number ranked top leader without B. Gates | World | Reuters

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