Juice may have a very bad influence on the body

According to a study published by a UK university, there is a risk of extremely harming health to food additives used for commonly marketed juice (soft drinks) such as Fanta, Pepsi Max, Sprite, Dr. Pepper It seems there is.

As I think that the opportunity to drink juice steadily increases as it gets hotter, I mentioned earlier in GIGAZINEGatorade may melt teeth earlier than Coca-ColaI will be concerned with it.

Details are as below.
Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health - Independent Online Edition> Health

According to this article, the research results presented by the University of Sheffield in the UK this time are regarded as problematic because of the fact that "Fanta, Pepsi Max, Sprite, Doctor Pepper, some pickles, sauces, etc. are used as preservatives"Sodium benzoate (Na benzoate)That's right.

When sodium benzoate is associated with vitamin C, a carcinogen substance "benzeneAlthough it seems that there is already concern that it will generate, this time Professor Peter Piper majoring in molecular biology and biotechnology at Sheffield University conducted an experiment to administer to yeast and found that consumption of oxygen To supply energy to cells "MitochondriaIt was confirmed that it was damaged. It is said that DNA might be damaged by this, causing diseases such as Parkinson 's disease.

In response to this result, Professor Peter Piper advised that parents should carefully consider buying drinks containing preservatives.

If it is true it is a terrible story.

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