Headline news on May 25, 2007

Police cars that carry car chases with gangs appear tomorrow. Listen to the radio of support request, the police departed who are nearby also head for supplement. One of the two police cars chasing the car of the criminal was riding a bad policeman's bell. However, the gangs gun fierce to fend off the tracking of the police car, the bell is shot dead as it is a shootout with the police. In addition, a high school student who was shot back by police at the work site was also collapsed. After that, when I bore the autopsy of the bell, I saw a gunshot wound that seemed to have been shot by a policeman in his body ... ....

And tomorrow at 22 o'clockBroadcast at WOWOWBe done"CSI: 6 Scientific Investigation Group"Is the first part of the 2 episode episode. In the previous season CSI: 5, it was gorgeous content, such as making the last part by Director Quentin Tarantino for the last episode, but what kind of excitement will you show us this time?

So, next MondayMay 28. Telepole advertisement was permitted in Japan in 1902, and in 1945 the Dainippon Empire Navy was decided to adopt the human torpedo "Rounden" as an underwater weapon. In 1960, Toki was designated as an international protected bird, in 1983 the movie "Merry Christmas on the Battlefield" was released, and in 2002 the Federation of Economic Organizations and the Federation of Japanese Management Associations were integrated and the Japan Economic Organization Federation ) Was launched. Also, in 1908, Ian Fleming, the author of the novel by James Bond series, was born in 1940 with Tomomi Kyohei, a composer, Ina Sumiohei in 880, Daizo Saito died in 1556 It was.

Today's headline news.

NJ road stations sue YouTube and others in surveillance camera video leakage | Internet | My Communication Journal(YouTube, the officials who let flow out)

If the same content is published on multiple sites, will it be judged as duplicate content and deleted? | Web Contact Forum(There are times when it is judged that it is duplicate content by mistake that the content is few pages with the net,

B3 Annex: George Lucas's Abstract Star Wars Mashup Enabled!(You can freely change 250 clips of images, Star Wars)

From Alfalfa Mosaic "History of the toilet"(Life, various restrooms depending on country)

Technobahn News: EcoLED Inc., to launch bright LED bulbs similar to incandescent light bulbs · Lifespan of over 10 years(It is cheaper than an incandescent bulb because life, price is high but life span is long)

Government proposes "carbon dioxide diet" ... 1 kilometer per day per day: politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Environment, recruit ideas for reduction from citizens)

Survey on smoking awareness of smoky environment new-born citizen of world non-smoking data tobacco on May 31 (Thursday) Survey / target: 500 people New businessman concerned about non smoking orientation, passive smoking(75.8% of healthy, 88% of new social workers are non-smokers who have never smoked in the first place)

Spain is a smoking paradise? Excite News(Culture, Smoking is allowed in hospital)

"Keitai 2.0" service emerges the emergence of mobile content business | Web personnel Forum(Mobile, young users use general sites rather than official sites)

Eliminate excessive humor (Dekiru's "Writing technique"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Language, honorific words only have to get used to)

J-CAST News: Why did Daimler fail? The end of the "merger of the century"(Business, Mercedes · Benz with high pride and mass producers · Chrysler could not be integrated)

Business Media Makoto: Spam is no longer a problem?(E-mail that goes to the trash box thinking that it is spam occasionally by title only occasionally)

ITmedia Anchor Desk: 【12th】 Search for the extrasolar planet 2 ~ What are the conditions under which life can exist?(Science, romance to extraterrestrial life forms)

Drunk students standing in PS 2, electric shock, hospitalization? / Game Information Portal: GeePara.com(It seems there is a possibility of electric shock if the person is close to the object as a result of the game, experiment)

Family's tangled diary - Famitsu's folly that still continues to misuse "production shipment" = "shipment"(There are 1.9 million differences in game, shipments shipped and shipments)

Game * Spark -: Mario and Smarkra appeared in the year! NOA's Reggie committed ...(Game, Metroid will be in summer this year)

ITmedia + D Games: Renewal (reincarnation) is no longer a remake (transplantation) - The origin of "Final Fantasy" which evolved greatly in both painting and sound (1/2)(I do not remember how many times the game was remade)

Toei animation enters the big picture and screening starts from this summer. View overseas distribution as well.(Anime, "Ginga Railway 999" will be screened at science museum and planetarium, etc. instead of movie theaters)

Shojo manga pattern classification course(Manga, girls' manga type)

Why did Japanese manga penetrate the world? - OhmyNews: Oh Myigh News "Every citizen is a reporter"(Manga, it's not whole body tights)

Escape(Flash, converting "Escape game with cheap picture")

Shinbashu temporary warehouse(Image, Sci-Fi illustrations and plastic-like box-like illustrations)

The definition of "Love" and "Moe" is wide. - Otaku Bashing's "Why?"(The story, truly mysterious thing only)

Light novel generator(Net service, will properly write up light novel like text)

[Screenshot .jp] - Layout check with multi browser(Internet service, entering the URL you want to check will retrieve screenshots of multiple browsers)

Beer Do !!(Internet service, site that evaluates commercially available beer)

MOONGIFT: »Use Google Reader conveniently" Better Google Reader ": introduce open source every day(Software, Firefox add-on to change the appearance of Google Reader)

Slashdot Japan | NVIDIA, next high-end GPU 1 Tflops(Hardware, quickly to Tera)

Business Media Makoto: Gel-in ball specialized notebook, leading to revitalizing market(Small articles, notes that do not blur even gel ink)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Use a clean awakening watch(Gadget, depending on who you are useful or not)

Delivery machine that can sleep well: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, a machine that can take up to 8 hours of sleep in hours, I really want it)

Revolutionary wireless mouse that does not require charging: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo · Japan)(Gadget, wireless mouse to charge from special mouse pad)

■ (PDF file)Romance car · LSE (7000 type) revived as old paint at the time of debut(Traveled by train, nostalgic vermillion orange paint)

DOG ON THE BEACH - prime soba and sliced ​​soba(The difference between food and prime soba and zaru-soba is not the presence or absence of nori but it is from the fact that it was a different thing in the past.)

Forest of Window - 【Today's Favorite】 Calculator which calculates arithmetic expressions of arithmetic operations by hand digit "Calc Calc"(Software, I have not done much writing yet)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Eat full course at counter(Food, somewhat strange atmosphere)

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