Flash memory mounted "VAIO type T" thorough benchmark comparison

In an article of the other day,Starting speed of VAIO owner model "VGN-TZ90S" with the standard specification "VGN-TZ 50 B" of "VAIO type T", the latest Core 2 Duo in the CPU and the 32 GB flash memory as the recording medium I tried to compare differences in the moviesWell, I found out that there was an overwhelming difference.

So I measured several benchmarks on each machine this time and compared it. How much difference will you make out?

Detailed benchmark results are as follows.
First of all, the shop front sales model of the standard specification "VGN-TZ 50 BIntroducing detailed specifications of " The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, and 1 GB of memory is loaded. By the way, the benchmark measurement software we used was "CrystalMark 2004 R2"is.

CPU is Celeron M's 1.20 GHz.

HDD is Toshiba's "MK 8009GAH". IDE connection model compatible with Ultra DMA / 100. The capacity is 80 GB.

The chipset is Intel 945 GM Express. The VGA chipset is Intel GMA 950.

Subsequently, VAIO Owner Made Model "VGN-TZ90S"is. Like the standard specification, the OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, and the memory is 2 GB loaded.

CPU is 1.20 GHz of Core 2 Duo.

The recording medium is a 32 GB flash memory. IDE connection model compatible with Ultra DMA / 66.

Toshiba 's "MK 1637 GSX" HDD is also included. Serial ATA connection model compatible with SATA / 150. The capacity is 160 GB.

The chipset is the same as the standard specification and is Intel 945 GM Express. VGA chipset also Intel GMA 950.

I measured the benchmark at once. This is the one of the standard specification "VGN-TZ50B".

When measuring with HDD alone.

And here is the VAIO owned model "VGN-TZ90S". A value more than twice the value has come out.

When measuring with the recording medium alone. Again the speed of flash memory seems overwhelming.

continue"HDBENCH Ver 3.40 beta 6I measured it with. This is the standard specification.

This is an owner model. It is nearly triple the difference.

Measure the performance of HDD, flash disk, USB flash drive "FDBENCHI also measured it. This is a standard specification.

Here is the owner's model. There is too much difference.

Sure enough, the difference was clearly shown. If you are looking for high specs, you may consider purchasing owned model. During the benchmark, the exhaust temperature from the exhaust outlet was measured and it was 48.8 ° C for the standard specification "VGN-TZ50B", 53.2 ° C for the VAIO owner model "VGN-TZ90S".

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