Movie running Mac OS X or Windows Vista with PSP

It is a surprising movie that Sony's portable game machine "PSP" is launching the latest OS such as Apple's "MacOS X" and Microsoft's "Windows Vista".

If it really starts up, it means that PSP will be a variety of hardware to play except for games ....

The playback of the movie is from the following.
This is a movie running MacOS X with PSP. Certainly it is like that.
YouTube - PSP 2.71 Running Mac OS X 5 Portal

This is a movie running Windows Vista. Something like doubt seems not to be suspicious ....
YouTube - Vista on psp

Until it becomes obvious how I moved it, I'm not likely to be pleased with letting go.

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Details are touched on the link below. Was it something like this ...?

PspWxp - PSP GadgetZ - Rakuten Blog (Blog)

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