A sea otter movie swimming hand in hand that was accessed more than 6 million times in 2 months

It seems that a movie with the content that sea otters kept in Canada's "Vancouver Aquarium" are hand swimming and swimming, has recorded over 6 million accesses in 2 months.

Is it that everyone is healed by the sea otters who are drifting in the stream with their appearance very close to each other?

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - Otters holding hands

If you think that you are away on the way, you will be healed as well as how to reconnect hands again. According to the link below, the sea otters connecting this hand are 17-year old female "Niak" and 7-year old male "Miro". Niak seemed to be protected in 1989 when it caught up in a tanker oil spill accident in Alaska.

Asahi.com: "Hand Tied Rakko" Movie, 6.44 million Access in 2 Months - Society

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