Pocky with jam "Collapsible strawberry" and "Collapsible green tea" are dark anyway

We tried Glico's limited-time Pocky "Collapsible Strawberry Pocky" and "Collapsible Green Tea Pocky" released on May 15th (Tuesday).

It is expecting how much taste will change when jam is applied to "Stinky Strawberry Pocky" now being sweet and sour "Ichigo Jam".

Details are as follows.
"Collapsible Strawberry Pocky" contains 4 pieces of 6 sachets, totaling 320 kilocalories. Jam 's 17 kilocalories are added there.

"Collapsible Green Tea Pocky" also has 6 bags of 4 small bags totaling 320 kilocalories.

I just opened the box.

"Collapsible Green Tea Pocky" that taste the aroma and taste of green tea as it is.

For those of "Collapsible Strawberry Pocky" there is a way to paint the jam.

This is "sweet smart strawberry jam".

I just opened it on a plate.

I tried jamming and eating it.

Although I tried eating, first of all, the "smashing strawberry pocky" is awesome. A sweet and sour smell stands in the room. When I eat the taste as it is, it is just a thick strawberry taste, but when I tried the jam that was attached to the trial it became a very fresh and fruity taste. This is delicious.

And those who are "Collapsible Green Tea Pocky" have a very thick astringent like tea leaves left in the bottom of the cup when they drank green tea. And it was as sweet as that, and received a rich impression anyhow.

Both are deep taste, but I thought that "Collapsible Strawberry Pocky" is somewhat easier to receive.

The product page is here.

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