"Kildoser incident" broke the city with a bulldozer that strengthened the armor

It is a movie of a state of massive destruction activity "Kildoser incident" occurred in 2004 in Granby, Colorado, USA.

The criminal from the friction with the city authorities strengthened the bulldozer with an iron plate of 1 cm or more in thickness and concrete and welded from the inside. Moreover, it seems that we mounted six video cameras and monitors and destroyed the whole city with "Kildoser" which made it understand the inside from the outside.

In addition, in front of the strengthened bulldozer armor, neither handguns nor grenades seemed to have touched, but casualties were said to have crippled no one except for the criminal who ultimately committed suicide.

Details are as follows.
It seems that the state of the incident is being relayed live from the helicopter.
YouTube - Killdozer Helicopter News Footage

I made edits to the picture of the incident and made it easy to see.
YouTube - KillDozer

Actually it is firing towards the killed the dozer, but teeth do not stand.
YouTube - Armored - Bulldozer - Rampage

Regarding the "Kildoser incident", the following links are detailed.

Kildoser incident - Wikipedia

Having been made so that it could not be welded out from the inside, was the culprit ready to die from the beginning?

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