Business card with unusual design with impact

I pass the business card to remember myself, but if I just write letters on white paper I will be buried in the mountains of other business cards. In order to avoid it, there seem to be various companies that have made an unusual design that remains strong in impression.

Details are as follows.
Cool business card designs | creativebits

A business card you can eat.

A business card that is a map.

Ticket type business card.

Dog tag type business card.

A business card hiding a cat.

Business card using wool 100%.

A business card popping out.

A business card engraved with letters.

A golden card business card that stands out when bundled.

Embossed business card.

A convenient business card with holes with a pimp.

A business card with letters floating up.

A business card with a wavy edge.

Collapsible business cards.

A business card like printed on the tip of a notebook.

A scratch-type business card.

A business card whose information is partially hidden.

Fan type business card.

Business card with cover.

A heavy metal card.

A long and thin business card like a bookmark.

A thick business card that reflects light.

A business card that will let you read letters as you stretch.

A toothed business card.

Business cards like evidence of crime scenes.

Business card with X-rays photo.

Former famous cracker, Kevin Mitnick's business card. Picking tool is attached.

Usage is like this.

Apple's founder Steve Wozniak's business card

There are various other design cards that have changed with Flickr.

Business cards - a photoset on Flickr

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