Microsoft is Yahoo! I tried to buy it for 50 billion dollars but negotiate suspension

Last night, Microsoft Yahoo! To acquire $ 50 billion (nearly 6 trillion yen)Requesting negotiationIt seems that the negotiations have been interrupted though reports have been reported that.

Details are as follows.
Microsoft, Yahoo talks no longer active: WSJ - MarketWatch

ITmedia News: [WSJ] Merger negotiations between MS and Yahoo! are suspended

So, what's worrisome is Microsoft, Yahoo! What do you want? That. This issue has been discussed in various places in the past, first of all strengthening search algorithms. Next, increase market occupation rate in online advertisement. Also, on the photo sharing site "Flickr"And social bookmark site"Del.icio.usYahoo! etc. Because it possesses, it can also incorporate them and enhance service. In addition to that, Yahoo! a powerful community. There are many, and Microsoft wanting to improve performance in the field of online is a good acquisition target.

Anyway, where did the matter of this acquisition negotiation leak? Usually these are done secretly, so it seems that a place that is disadvantageous when acquiring this hand leaks to crush the acquisition talk ... ....

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