Buyer died because uranium and boron were mixed in drugs purchased online

According to a Canadian newspaper reported, a 57 - year - old Canadian woman Marcia Bergeron purchased medication on the net and died as a result of taking it. We purchased antianxiety drugs and sedatives, which means that there was an endorsement by a fake medical institution.

Details on what was going on are as follows.
Fake website peddles killer pills

According to the coroner who dissected this corpse, uranium · strontium · cerium · aluminum · barium · boron was detected.

In addition, 60% of the spam that is being sent on the net relates to these fake drugs, drug treatments and so on, without having to buy from a reliable medical institution, It is said that purchasing on the net is extremely risky.

Even so, it is a mystery why you bothered to mix such a lethal amount ... ....

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