New method to crack by emulating BIOS in Windows Vista appeared

Although methods to break through various Windows Vista certifications have been devised so far, roughly speaking, there are two methods that can be actually executed.

One is a method called time crack, a method to prolong the trial deadline forever by applying a method that extends Vista's 30 day trial deadline up to 120 days. The other is a method of authenticating by moving the authentication server of the volume license key called KMS server with a virtual PC or the like. The former is simple, but there are many problems, the latter is certain but the hurdle is high.

However, coming here, a further third method has emerged. That is a tremendous method called BIOS emulation. It seems that there is no problem at the moment, the method of execution is fully automated and it is very easy to call it just like a decision strike.

Details are as follows.
FILEnetworks Blog: Vista 32-bit one click activator (BIOS Emulation)

According to the blog above, major PC makers such as Lenovo and Acer have Windows Vista which is in the state just before authentication and it seems that they are allowed to use these. That is,

BIOS emulation + OEM certificate + product key = can operate as legally authenticated Vista

It is theory that it will be said that.

As for what we are doing, we will not erase the BIOS of that computer first. It is intact. It does not change the setting. It seems to be a mechanism that tricks Vista itself by making it emulate BIOS through a completely software based driver.

In fact, there is embedded BIOS ACPI_SLIC, which is the manufacturer's hardware information approved by Microsoft, which simplifies the authentication procedure. Furthermore, "Recovery CD" and "Reinstallation CD" of the maker's personal computer include "XML file" (feeling like XXXX.xrm - ms, for example) to perform this authentication. By inputting a specific product key, it has the same effect as regular authentication.

This crack was produced by an oversea cracker team called "Team Paradox", and furthermore, a person named "CLoNY" has been improved to automatically execute this crack with one click, widely distributed on the net It is said that it is. The first image shown is what it seems to be that file.

At the moment it operates only on 32 bit version, it seems that it is not applicable to 64 bit version of Vista.

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