The activation of Windows Vista seems to have been broken immediately

I have not tried Windows Vista at hand, so I have not actually tried it, but since some time ago Windows Vista was in beta some overseas crack team began to work to break the new activation, RTM When it came out it almost certainly worked, it seems that tools that become cracked in the same way and can be deactivated are beginning to circulate abroad.

Some of them may be distributed as one ISO image at once, and although I can not find the motion report in the Japanese version as far as I know, it seems to be a matter of time.

Details are as follows.
This is an assortment pack of tools that break through the activations that are currently on sale. Ten kinds in all.

Most of the tools have files in them and replace them with certain system files in Windows Vista. However, some of these are pretty serious forms

Also, there are things that not only Vista but also WGA adopted from Windows XP can be released as well. Truth is unknown.

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