Movie to play Wii on a small TV with 1.5 inches

Evolution of television is headed towards high image quality large screen, and then new gaming machines like Wii will be connected to the large screen TV. The big screen has more power and it seems to be fun, but there was a stuff connected with the Wii to the 1.5 inch TV against the flow here. Besides just connecting it, I'm playing games such as "Odoru Maid In Warrior" properly.

The movie is from the following.
Too small ... The difficulty level is likely to rise in any game.
YouTube - I play Wii on my 1.5 - inch TV # 2

Distant view. I just wonder why I wonder why I'm swinging the Wii remote control.
YouTube - I play Wii on my 1.5 - inch TV

After that, I switched to NES and started doing Super Mario Brothers. Retro atmosphere is perfect.
YouTube - I play NES games on my 1.5 - inch TV

This 1.5-inch TV, Takara (now Takara Tomy) released in 2003, "Product space The Showa Television" product, you can watch TV by properly connecting the antenna wire. In addition, the price is 2790 yen not to be caught by Wii, it seems that sales have already ended. Be on Saturday

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