Apple Pro info with 8 core CPUs appeared in the Apple Store but it was erased quickly

In late February "Does Mac Pro with 8 core CPU appear next monthAs I mentioned, to support it, the Apple Store UK has a Mac Pro with 8 core CPUs. Although it seemed to have been flying, it was deleted, but since there was a fly at the Power Mac G5 and there was a one-shot that it would be true that Steve Jobs was true, the appearance of the 8-core Mac Pro seems to be imminent .

Details are as follows.
8core.png (PNG image, 732 x 507 px)

The Apple Store that information is currently being deleted.
Apple Store - U.K.

Movie at the time of Power Mac G5. Steve Jobs who accidentally admits that G5 information on the G4 page accidentally on the Apple Store, and that it is true.
YouTube - all about Steve - Power Mac G5 Introduction

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