"Meat of cup noodle lettuce pig pork ribs" the shape of pork ribs properly

We introduced "Cup noodles leek pork ribs bigSince it was released, I bought it immediately and tried it. I was surprised to see that the meat is not a lump of meat that is always in a cup noodle, but a shape of a proper pork rib.

Details are as follows.
Pork was contained firmly inside than I thought.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water. Unlike the others the cup is a paper cup.

did it. Cups are packed.

Mix. A lump of yellow egg is proof of a cup noodle.

There are no complaints on the appliances because the pork ribs are contained securely. The taste of pepper and garlic was effective for a while, and those who soup fit well with this dish. Although it was about the smell of charcoal and green onion, although it was somewhat scenty, I did not understand that it was char-grilled. Total is a honor student who can not complain.

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