A video service "gdgd.tv" watched on Wii by combining YouTube movies

With the YouTube select service for the Wii browser, we select popular videos from four types of channels: music, comedy, film & animation, pet & animalsRimoAlthough there is, "gdgd.tv" introduced this time searches for movies that match the specified search word from YouTube and it continues to flow.

It seems that it will be a useful service for people who are too few on Rimo's 4 channels.

Details are as below.

To use it, you need to create a new channel.

Created by setting the channel name (4 to 12 alphanumeric characters) and password.

Register search word. Up to 50 pieces are possible.


The screen looks something like this. Sort by new arrival order and shuffle is possible. The thumbnail image and the playing time / movie title are displayed in the lower left.

The information display disappears as it leaves.

When the playback time is over or you press the "next" button, it will be the next candidate movie, but you can not return to the previous movie. Is not it good to see and sink with Daradara without particular purpose?

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