A movie to shred dolls and silhouettes with a mixer

beforeA movie that puts various things on a mixerAlthough that "Will It Blend?" Series has also done extreme things. I suppose it should be just a mixer, but do you need to appeal to the power so far ...?

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Place the silume on the mixer. Because the silume shines in the chemical reaction of the two liquids that have entered, it reacts vigorously by mixing with a mixer and is emitting light.
YouTube - Will It Blend? - Glow Sticks

Two bodies like clothes dolls. This can not be shown to children ....
YouTube - Will It Blend? - 2 Dancing Princesses

Once used as a substitute for diamondsZirconia. It is shattered.
YouTube - Will It Blend? - Diamonds ... as far as you know

Magnet sticks even if it becomes shattered.
YouTube - Will It Blend? - Magnets

I am making chicken soup, but I usually feel like I do not like that.
YouTube - Will It Blend? - Chicken Soup

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