I tried "Family Mart Limited" Super Cup 1.5 times Mabo Tofu Noodle "

I bought "Super Cup 1.5 times Mabo Tofu noodle" (188 yen including tax) which is sold only from Female Mart from February 19 (Monday) from Ace Cock.

I often see maize bowl with a combination of Mabo tofu and rice, but what happens when combined with ramen?

Details are as below.
Inside are three sachets of powder soup, liquid soup and quickly.

Put the powder soup quickly. Tofu is white.

Pour the water and wait 3 minutes.

Pour liquid soup.

Completion by mixing.

Although it is an impression that I tried eating, maja soup suitably matches noodles, and the taste of Chinese style is well expressed. Spicy is modest, but it warms up even after eating it is perfect for winter. Just because the size of the tofu is small and there is not much, there is no feeling that he eats Mabo tofu. If there is more texture of tofu, it feels like "Mabo tofu noodle", but it was just like carnivorous burden noodles. I feel that it would be better if you put something else in the current state and put it in "Mamo ○ ○ Noodle".

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