According to Google, the hard disk fails regardless of temperature or frequency of use

As common sense related to the hard disk which has been believed in general until now,

· When the temperature is high, it becomes easy to break down
· When access frequency is high, it moves a lot, so it becomes easy to break down

However, as a result of conducting a survey using 100,000 hard disk drives for consumer use, it turned out that it failed regardless of temperature or access frequency.

Besides that, we are planning to introduce "the early detection of a hard disk failure or prediction of failure"S.M.A.R.T. (Smart)"It seems that there is little relation with prediction of when it will be failed, which is obtained from the value of.

Based on the results of these actual data, Google concludes that it is necessary to find a new failure prediction method from the existing SMART value.

Quite shocking results from Google are as follows.
Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population(PDF file: 241 KB)

The hard disk drive used is ATA or SATA connection, the capacity is 80 GB - 400 GB, the number of rotation is 5400 - 7200 rpm. About 100,000 of these hard disks, when examining by comparing the temperature, the access frequency, and the failure rate, it seems that no significant relation was found.

However, in environments where the temperature of the hard disk exceeds 50 degrees, the failure rate is rising rich. This is a temperature that does not recommend manufacturers of hard disks, so it's natural for sure.

In addition, although it was hardly inferred about the number of predicted failure days obtained from the SMART value, significant correlation was recognized when paying attention to some values, especially Scan Error has high relevance and Scan Error The probability of failing within 60 days after exiting is actually 39 times when Scan Error is not issued.

That said, most of the hard disks that broke down on Google did not give any error due to SMART value. It is a so-called sudden death.

In addition, although it seems that the failure rate due to manufacturers and types of hard disks has also been compiled, it seems that it can not be made public according to the circumstances of adults .... It is obvious that only certain models of manufacturers are likely to fail Is it that there exists ...? Or, if you are a manufacturer of hard disk drives that Google uses frequently, is it possible to put a certain level of trust ...? I would like you to open this kind of place ... .... Well ....

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