With the arrival of Windows Vista, the sales volume of PC for the first time in 42 weeks exceeded the previous year

According to the sales trend preliminary report released by the company GFK marketing service Japan based on sales data at home appliance mass merchandisers, the advent of Windows Vista released on January 30, sales of PCs that had been lower than the previous year It seems that the number of units has exceeded the previous year 's ratio for the first time in ten and a half months for 42 weeks.

By the way, of the number actually sold, the percentage of PCs equipped with Windows Vista was 53%. Will Windows Vista become an initiator of the PC market which was sluggish?

Details are as follows.
First weekend after Windows Vista (TM) sales, PC sales increased by 18% compared to the previous week
~ For the first time in 42 weeks over the previous year (from weekly data) ~

According to this bulletin, PC sales figures on February 3rd and 4th, the first Saturdays and Sundays after the launch of Windows Vista, increased by 18% compared to the weekend of the previous week, which is 10 It is said that it is increasing. And the week when Windows Vista was launched (January 29 - February 4) Looking at the whole, it seems that it surpassed the previous year for the first time in 42 weeks.

In addition, Windows Vista installation rate of PC sold is 54% on note and 50% on desktop, 53% on average, of which Windows Vista Home Premium is 61% and Windows Vista Home Basic is 39%. Is that Ultimate ...?

The top selling PC top 5 is as follows. Maker name and model number, mounted OS in that order.

1. NEC: PC - LL 550 HG (Windows Vista Home Premium)
2. NEC: PC - LL 750 HG (Windows Vista Home Premium)
3. Toshiba: PAAX 940 LS (Windows XP Home)
4. Fujitsu: FMVNF 50U (Windows Vista Home Premium)
5. Sony: VGN-N 50 HB (Windows Vista Home Basic)

1. NEC: PC - VS 300 HG (Windows Vista Home Premium)
2. Fujitsu: FMVLX 50 UD (Windows Vista Home Premium)
3. Fujitsu: FMVLX 70 UD (Windows Vista Home Premium)
4. Sony: VGC-LB 51 B (Windows XP Home)
5. NEC: PC-VL 300 GD (Windows XP Home)

In addition, the PC itself occupied 21% of the total in the major products sold at home electronics mass retailers in 2002, in terms of the composition of the amount. However, in 2006, it fell to 13%, as average unit price declined and consumers' willingness to buy flat-screen TVs increased. Were they going down to there ...?

In this breaking news, we are hoping to expect Windows to come back as a driving force in the home electronics market with the launch of Windows Vista as the initiator.

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