I ate McDonald 's new menu, maple - flavored mac griddle

McDonald's morning Mac 's new menu "Mac Griddle" was released today, so I bought it and tried it.

It is a new menu of catch phrases "no one knows morning Gohan, it starts," but what exactly is it?

Details are as follows.
Flyers that were distributed at stores. "Perhaps your morning will change."

Introduction of lineup. There are sausage & egg · cheese (240 yen), bacon & egg · cheese (240 yen), sausage (200 yen).

I opened it and tried it side by side. I should have ordered one by one, but instead of sausages I have two sausages & two eggs and cheese. that? And somehow the sweet smell in the room ....

Sausage & Egg cheese. Sausage Egg Muffin 's buns have been changed.

I tried to remove the buns. Spots in the buns seem to have been syrup injected.

Bacon & Egg cheese. The shape of bacon is different, but it is close to what changed Egg Mack Muffin's buns.

A syrup came out from the buns when I tripped it.

Sausage & egg cheese instead of sausage was supposed to have been asked one by one, because the crowds were rushing and the cash register was so confused.

Regarding taste, Maple style syrup is buried abundantly in bread and you can enjoy the sweet flavor. However, if asked if it meets the salty ingredients such as sausage, only a question mark will come out. While I was eating, I did not understand myself whether it was tasty or not tasty. It is a truly mysterious taste.

Perhaps it is suitable for people who pour a hamburger in a coke.

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