Punching iPhone with a hammer to destroy and destroy purchase funds

Despite the fact that there are some people who have not got the actual thing yet, I've introduced a movie that will hit the PS3 and Wii with a hammer in front of the queue and destroy it, but as soon as I introduced the movie to destroy the iPhone We have a site to recruit purchase funds.

Details are as follows.
Smash My iPhone

The iPhone is Apple's announced mobile phone that can be connected to the Internet, and it is said that it will be released from June in the United States and elsewhere.

In addition, it is unknown whether this time is the same place as the group that destroyed PS3 and Wii that I am making a donation. I do not know if it can be devoted to the iPhone purchase price that the fund raising really destroys, so be careful when you donate funds.

The site that destroyed PS3 and Wii before is the following site. Besides PS3 and Wii, Xbox and iPod are also destroyed.

SmashMystuff.com // You donate, we smash!

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