Apple finally announces "iPhone" mobile phone capable of connecting to the Internet

Apple is currently announcing at Macworld 2007, but at last it announced the "iPhone" mobile phone that can be connected to the net. Details update as soon as we understand, but it has become quite amazing.

In other words, it is "iPhone" that packs the three functions of iPod, mobile phone and Internet connection into one device.

Details of price, release time, specs etc. are as follows.
Make three functions one

It is like this.

Like this, MacOS X seems to work

Cover art of the song being played is also played at the same time

It is "iPhone" that realized the three functions of widescreen iPod, mobile phone, Internet communicator with one device. Although the user interface of the smartphone so far was a keyboard, this time adopting the operation method of directly touching the screen. Therefore, the whole screen is a touch screen. This is based on a new patent to eliminate the stylus.

Although details are unknown yet as a specification, a terminal for the headset is attached with a camera. Since the button is the only button, it seems that it works in conjunction with the net etc. Communication is supposed to be stuck with the SIM card, GSM + EDGE communication method. It seems to be severe in Japan. 3.5 inch screen. Thickness 11.6 mm. 2 megapixel camera. 8 GB memory.

There is a speaker on the bottom, and an iPod connector is also attached. There is a sensor in the call part, so when you use it as a phone, when you take it to your ear, the mechanism that the brightness of the LCD screen automatically turns off.

Completely synchronized with a personal computer, it is possible to synchronize bookmarks and calendars as well as something that can be synchronized with iTunes such as music, movies, and photos. Widgets are enabled on the screen, and wireless LAN connection is also possible. Yahoo! Mail can also be used, POP 3, IMAP etc can be done. Attachment is also possible.

The keyboard is like this

It seems MacOS X is running, so it's possible

Browser is equipped with Safari. Google Maps will also work.

However, although I thought that it might be impossible to read such a small letter, it seems that there is no problem because it can be read by enlarging or reducing it. The method of expansion and contraction is also unique. You can zoom in and out by pinching and spreading with two fingers.

The phone dials like this

Weather and stock prices are understood with the widget. This is almost the same pattern as that of Mac OS X.

The other party's photos are displayed during the phone call

Attach photos to e-mail

The iPhone has many accessories like the iPod, but the difference is that the microphone is attached. For example, in the case of a headset, it is possible to connect with Bluetooth, and the earphone and the microphone are in a set. That's because it's a phone ... of course.

Battery is continuous 5 hours when using call. It is only 16 hours continuous music playback. It seems that more than 200 patents are used for this iPhone. That's amazing number.

The price is 499 dollars (about 59,000 yen) for the 4GB model and 599 dollars (about 70,000 yen) for the 8GB model. It can be purchased from the Apple Store or Cingular.

Release time is from June to June this year from Cingular in the United States and elsewhere. Europe is the fourth quarter. It will be in 2008, including Japan, in Asia. It is quite ahead ...

Also, I will officially change my company name from "Apple computer" to "Apple". Since it is certainly not restricted to "computer" when it comes to sending out mobile phones, it may be correct judgment.

Continued below.

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