The power of "Windows ReadyBoost" to make USB memory and SD card an expansion memory

Among the features installed in Windows Vista, one that is unusual is that,"USB ReadyBoost" USB memory and SD card become additional memory of PCFunction. By using this it can easily and inexpensively speed up even laptop computers etc. where it is difficult to add memory.

And there was a verification movie on Google Video that actually speeds up with this "Windows ReadyBoost". Playback is from the following.
Windows Vista RTM - Demonstration of Windows ReadyBoost - Google Video

"Windows ReadyBoost" is a cache technology that uses flash memory, so it seems that the random access speed to the hard disk will be 8 to 10 times. Also, it seems that battery operation time will improve as the operation of the hard disk stops.

Windows PC Accelerator: Windows Vista performance technology

A flash memory that can be used as a cache in "Windows ReadyBoost" is a USB 2.0 compatible memory, an SD card, a CF card, a memory stick, etc. However, it does not operate via USB reader or USB 1.0 and 1.1. Other conditions are that the read speed is 2.5 MB / s or more at random access and the write speed is 1.75 MB / s or more at random access. In other words, speed of reading and writing is important.

Material published by MicrosoftAccording to it, when the cache is stored in the flash memory it is compressed to 1/2 the capacity and it is encrypted by AES-128. When multiple flash memories are available, it seems that they choose to choose the one with the highest performance among them.

This cache size is a minimum of 230 MB and a maximum of 4 GB, the recommended value should be set to 1: 1 ratio with main memory. In an environment with 1 GB of main memory, it seems that 1 GB of flash memory should be used as the whole "Windows ReadyBoost". In order to maximize the performance it is required to have three times the capacity of the main memory, for example, in an environment with 1 GB of main memory, it is best if you assign 3 GB of flash memory as "Windows ReadyBoost" .

Moreover, this "Windows ReadyBoost" is designed to be safe first, and it is said that it is designed so that even if suddenly pulling out this flash memory while using it, there is no problem. Instead, the speed of operation drops, naturally.

In addition, the Windows Vista logo is allowed to be attached at the time of sale to the flash memory product compatible with "Windows ReadyBoost"Driver Test ManagerIt seems it would be better if you test by passing it and pass.

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