"Google Patent Search" that allows you to search for any patent

When I came up with an idea that it might be able to obtain a patent, I have to check whether it has not been filed yet, but at that time it seems to be useful for this "Google Patent Search". Just entering keywords and searching will bring out relevant patents all at once.

Details are as follows.
When searching with "ship", a lot of patents related to ship will come out. It seems that there are many things about the structure of the ship (such as screws and ship's bottom).
Ship - Google Patents

Tondemo airplane is slippery as "airplane". Maybe there are a lot of planes that we can not fly actually.
Airplane - Google Patents

This service seems to be offered in cooperation with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and seems to be able to search about 7 million patents delivered to the Patent and Trademark Office. Japanese patent offices can also search for patents and utility models, but usability is a little bad, so I would like you to cooperate with Google.

Google Patents

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