The history of Nintendo's domestic game machines on one tree diagram

Finally Wii will be on sale tomorrow, but this tree diagram can see the history of Nintendo's home gaming machines continuing with Nenten from Nintendo once again. It is a picture of evolution of game machines.

However, if you are a detailed person, you should feel "Come on, there will be none." So, I examined the virtual boy which disappeared in just a few months, the Super Game Boy with the color of the Game Boy screen, and the Donkey Kong which the prototype of Nintendo DS already looks purely.
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One of the biggest failed works of Nintendo is this virtual boy.

Virtual Boy - Wikipedia

Looks like this.

Image: Virtual Boy kit.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is rively to be able to play with stereoscopic video, but it seems to be the cause of red and black monotone images being unpleasant. It disappeared in just a few months.

Also, a year ago there was a "Super Game Boy" that colors colors in early black and white game boy software.

Super Game Boy - Wikipedia

In short, I plugged in the Super Game Boy software for Game Boy and then inserted it into Super Nintendo Entertainment System. After this, Game Boy Color will be released. By the way, I was a game gear user at the time.

The last thing to introduce is "Donkey Kong", not to say game software, it is hard.

Donkey Kong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Below is the picture of the main body. As you can see, there are 2 top and bottom screens.

Image: Gw donkeykong.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the current Nintendo DS.

Image: Nintendo DS Default.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is not exaggeration to say that it is exactly the prototype.

Well, what kind of page will be newly inscribed in the history of Nintendo's game machine, Wii released tomorrow ...?

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