Street fighters falling down after 10 years

A movie of street fighters who disappeared as old astray. Scenes in which Zanghiyev who is working as a cleaning staff at the beginning of Part 1 are healed remains strangely impressive. Currently there are parts 2, but it seems to continue still. The sequel is so worrisome.

Firstly recently from Part 2. First of all, the last memoir enters a little. Ryu and Ken played a dubious business with a wave fist, Sagat was a cat freak.
Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 2 - CollegeHumor video

Part 1 of the previous work is here. Zengiev, who remembered the old days by seeing himself in the game, encountered Darushim by chance in the town ... ....
Street Fighter: The Later Years - CollegeHumor video

Does this series of movies become a touching bigger?

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