The quality of Windows Vista Wiki seems to be too high

I found a Microsoft Japan corporation, a very pretty person who also served as the first president, there is a person called "Furukawa Kiyoshi". I still have a blog on the net and I am actively working.

, GIGAZINE provides server and domain name "Windows Vista Wiki'S quality was so high that Mr. Furukawa misunderstood about Q & A on the official website of Windows Vista! Due to the synergistic effect with that domain name, it is furious. Despite hitting all that anger with my blog, I immediately withdrew after receiving an indication that "Please calm down! This is an external volunteer wiki! It is not operated by Microsoft!" Although it temporarily deleted, it seems that it is regrettable to re-publish after reexamining it.

Details are as follows.
Kogure Furukawa blog: About re-posting entry of 0:46 on November 25

By the way, the reason why the "Windows Vista Wiki" began with the circumstances was that around July 23, 2005 it was reported that "the name of the next Windows that Microsoft issues is named Windows Vista" However, at GIGAZINE about 48 hours ago, I wrote that at the foreign forums, etc., I wrote that "It seems to be a name of Vista and the domain has already been acquired." So I thought, "Would it be true if was taken or something?" I found that Microsoft really was acquiring it, so that "Oh, Vista is the name as if it is actually determined" Then I wrote an article.

At that time, I thought, "Because Microsoft is wealthy, do you possibly have acquired all domains?", I tried searching in the domain as far as I know, "" etc at that point Confirm that it is not acquired. In addition, since Wiki and others were prevalent at the time, it was acquired as saying "Oh, it can be used for the domain of Wiki, if it is something like a Windows Vista wiki ~".

But here I hit the problem. In the first place, a wiki can not be done by himself. Users are more likely to have better, but are there people who are interested in Windows Vista and are suitable for aggregating information in Wiki? After thinking a while, as a result of thinking for a while, I decided to offer it as a summary wiki of 2channel Windows Vista thread.

And as a result, as soon as I was forgetting my existence as a busy update of GIGAZINE, I saw that it was extremely fulfilling contents when I looked at it. Sometimes whenever all vandalism comes, I notify the provider from one end and doing administrator-like things as well, but mostly it is made thanks to the people who are editing in detail every day.

As a result, it is dependent on Mr. Furukawa becoming a misunderstanding high quality.

Well, it was GIGAZINE.

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