Why housewives who buy mutual funds are increasing

Housewives who purchase high risk high return type and low risk low return type in combination are increasing. Of course, it is a secret to a husband of a salaried worker. I have learned that the fact that this pattern is increasing very much is talking about in various banking sectors.

Why is this happening? And how much money are you making?
※ The following content is the result of interviewing an extremely small population, about 50 housewives, and interviews with dozens of bankers, so please read on that level of reliability.

Banks are generally open on weekdays. In the case of a campaign etc. where interest does not increase if the periodic maturity is not reached, or if you bring it to a different bank, you will not be able to verify your identity if you think you will be the husband name, I can not deposit. My husband can not do it because he is in the office. Therefore, my wife will be doing it under his own name, and the deposit of his wife will increase. It is said that there are many cases where all the regular household periods are in the name of his wife. My husband says "This is yours", but actually it is my wife's name. Then it will be 10 million to 20 million people's name in person. Even if it is dispersed among multiple banks, it is about 5 million. And most banks exceed 5 million yen, direct mail comes first, and the phone comes.
"Shall I tell you to explain it and let me explain when I come to the bank this time?"
Feeling. In this way you can call out, "Why do not you try it?" That's why you can recommend mutual funds.

In this case, it is recommended to combine high risk · high return type and low risk · low return type. Even so, we can recommend a monthly dividend type. This is the point. It is not a dividend for 3 months or 6 months.

Then the housewife checks the dividend when withdrawing monthly salary. Compared to regular interest rates, 1000 yen or 2000 yen will be credited. And it will startle. How much did the profits come out with this principal at this point? It will start to calculate. With annual dividend of 2,000 yen it will be 24,000 yen per year. Conversely, thinking to add 24,000 yen a month to the monthly deposit, if you deposit around 10 million yen in time deposits, you will finally reach approximately 24,000 yen at 0.3% interest (after tax). Even so, it comes from 2000 yen every month at 500,000 yen. Then, as a housewife thinking "Do you eee yeah yeah yeah!", (In case of high risk type). Here my wife was surprised, crazy dandanion, and buying. However, since he is of little concern, he will buy both high risk and low risk. In general, how much you are buying is spending money to investment trusts enough to earn a dividend that is sufficient for your monthly income. I am keeping it with my husband.

On the other hand, if this is a male bank clerk, often listen to the story that he bought an investment trust secretly to his wife and turned himself into duty .... In this way, investment trusts are gradually bought, and recently there are more people buying investment trusts, not stocks, and that is especially the case with housewives.

In case of high-risk type, there are things of 50,000 yen in 1 month after leaving 1 million yen. If the economy is bad it will be reduced to 3000 yen or 4000 yen. When the economy improves or the stock price rises, it becomes a level of ten thousand at a stretch. It is judged that this one is better than desperate every day with a day trader though it is not a professional.

Also, the baby-boomer generation gets retirement one after another, and I feel that it is really uneasy to leave anything in this age where inflation is rich. I can not keep my life until now with just pension .... So, most people will turn a few percent on investment trusts.

The advantage of mutual funds is that you can buy and sell themselves like stocks. Because there is a means to say not only dividend but also that investment trust itself is sold. If you buy it when it is cheap and sell it when it is expensive you will think that you can make a profit with double punch along with the dividend. However, unlike stocks it will take some time to actually sell (about a week). Also, of course, there is a case where the principal is divided (although it does not become zero, confirm the example where it became about one third at worst).

By the way, as an example of a certain banker (just to be sure, checking the other's passbook and transaction history with visual inspection), it was a single aristocrat who got married and started being chased by a loan, I thought that I had to manage somehow, I first put 100,000 yen into an investment trust and continue to adopt the method to add half of it to mutual fund every time dividend comes out, 15 years It seems that now it has become about 2.4 million yen. To be precise, now is the target! He said that he was going to buy more when he said. Aiming starts with 10,000 yen per unit, but as popularity comes out, it will become 12,000 yen or 13,000 yen. However, as the dividend decreases due to the economic situation in the world, the number of people who will raise will increase, and the bite will drop to about 7000 yen. I will purchase at that point. Because it links with the economic situation of the world, it is the logic that it should increase if it has long. People who quit the stock say they will move to mutual funds for reasons to say so. Of course, there is also the possibility that this bank crew is advocating this way ... ....

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