To the release of PS 3 throughout the United States, it is great that it is bigger than Japan

Though it is reported that there are people who are already lined up three weeks ago, it is overseas PS3 circumstances, but it is the night before two days ago when we finally started to line up. And now it has already passed through the level of the matrix, and it surrounds every direction of Sony Plaza in New York and it seems that it is not known where the head is. Most of the leading groups in various parts of the country are not resellers but only genuine gamers. Let's put in a great spirit.

Also, because there is a possibility of being attacked immediately after purchase, those who offer bodyguards are talking about. At the end of the phrase it seems that it is entering an unusual state, such as the transaction of the mail address of the hot mail containing the phrase "PS 3" instead of the PS 3 main body is traded at a high price.

In addition, in North America next Wii will be released again next week, so the matrix is ​​also mixed, it is in a chaotic state that does not understand what it is. Even Japan 's PS3 riot was reported all over the world, but since it is supposed to be ridiculous by the inspiration of it, I tried to summarize the situation.
First of all, from the picture of the latest situation. Sony front in front of New York.

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People waiting for the release of PS 3 in New York in the 16th

The beginning of the matter is the 29th of last month. There was already a line only for "reservation" of PS 3 and Wii. The place is Toys' R Us.

YouTube - Preorder lines for PS3 and Wii at Toys R Us

YouTube - Wii line at Toys R Us

And on November 12, we will begin to buy PS3.

YouTube - People already in Line for PS3

On November 14th, a row will also start in New York and will be reported.

YouTube - PS3 line at bestbuy

From this situation, a notice image saying that they will be hired to become a body guard.

Bodyguardqh3.jpg (JPEG image, 788 x 548 px)

On November 15, at Rockville. It is already camping.

YouTube - PS3 Launch - Rockville, MD

Also on November 15, in San Antonio.

YouTube - PS3 Wait Line San Antonio 2

On the same day, I interviewed the camping people.

YouTube - Playstation 3 Campers

On November 16, Boston's shopping center ... full of people.

YouTube - PS3 Launch line 11/16/06

Then on November 16 (Japan time November 17, that is now), at 11:53 am local time (12 hours and 7 minutes to launch), in front of Sony Plaza in New York 56th Street. I will notice where I am no longer in the beginning.

YouTube - ps3 line in newyork

In addition, we have a value of 980 dollars at the current auction for the e-mail address "[email protected]" at the present time.

EBay: PS3 Playstation 3 Email! Mail- ps 3 [email protected] (item 290051347891 end time Nov-16-06 15:34:49 PST)

And, as a matter of course, such a poster as well. There are also stores that only 8 units are in stock ....

HPIM 0845.jpg (JPEG image, 478 x 639 px)

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