Fire Truck with Jet Turbine

It is a fire truck that is designed to eliminate fire at a stroke by making the water emission port a jet turbine rather than a fire engine ...... which has been able to arrive quickly at the site by super-accelerating with the power of the jet. I can only see it as a Gotsui tank that seems to come out even in the game.

Playback is from the following.
It is developed by a Hungarian engineer and seems to be able to erase the fire of ignited oil which is difficult to extinguish.

YouTube - Water injected turbine for fire suppression by Willimczik

This is a fire engine that can jet water using a jet engine and spray it. You can see the video from the bottom of the link.

BASF AG: Works Fire Department: Services: Vehicles and equipment: Special extinguishing vehicles

It is deployed in the fire department of the world's largest chemical company, BASF in Germany, and it can be dealt with when it reaches 150 meters or more ahead by radiating it in mist form and spreading toxic gas is.

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